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BMW Car Rental Singapore

When it comes to the world of luxury & exotic cars – Economical, style and power, is what BMW is all about. As most drivers know, BMW is much more than just a car, it is a true driving experience.

BMW cars have always been a major symbol of class and fame. Since the launch of its first model, every car has always been known for its performance, design and look.

Featured with world-class features and giving tough competition to other car manufactures, every car model of the BMW series has made car enthusiasts very excited when it comes to choosing or buying a BMW car.

BMW Cars For Rent

BMW 130i 3DR

The BMW 130i 3DRis very sporty, speedy looking and has all the visual impact it needs to turn heads your way. Cats like eyes that are eye catching and the big bold kidney grille makes BMW 130i a full-scale visual statement.

Rent a BMW 130i 3DR

BMW 218i Cabriolet 3DR

The BMW 218i Cabriolet is a compelling package, offering top-down thrills, superb handling, an excellent range of engines and very attractive styling.

Rent a BMW 218i Cabriolet 3DR

BMW 316i Sport 3DR

The BMW 316i Sport is superb dynamically and the benchmark for handling. It is light at the front end, beautifully balanced in the middle of a corner and eager to sprint out of it.

Rent a BMW 316i Sport 3DR

BMW 320i Cabriolet

The BMW 320i Cabriolet is definitely a head turner on the road. It is a practical choice and is considered to be one of the most desirable convertibles on the market.

Rent a BMW 320i Cabriolet

BMW 320i XL

The BMW 320i XL has been categorized as a reliable midsize family car. It has a 1,995 cc engine capacity, with a 6-speed automatic transmission. BMW 320i XL is a spacious saloon that has a seating enough for 5 that has front and side airbags.

Rent a BMW 320i XL

BMW 523i Saloon

The BMW 523i Saloon has come a long way in advancement compared to the first generation BMW 5 Series that were offered before. The BMW 523i Saloon offers a superb technology, safety innovation and a high-performance engine power with fuel efficiency and sleek design.

Rent a BMW 523i Saloon

BMW 528i

The BMW 528i is a really classy which has a classic luxury sedan styling; supremely refined drivetrain; impressive interior; derived from more expensive 7 Series.

Rent a BMW 528i

BMW 535i ActiveHybrid 5

The BMW 535i ActiveHybrid 5 is an excellent car to drive and remains to be one of the more enjoyable sedans to drive. It carries a true and undeniable full parallel hybrid powertrain starting with all the goodness you find in a 535i.

Rent a BMW 535i ActiveHybrid 5

BMW 640i Gran Coupe

The BMW 640i Gran Coupe is a sporty four-door coupe that is all about style with substance. It continues the BMW tradition of a powerful, superb and addictive straight six power plan.

Rent a BMW 640i Gran Coupe

BMW 740Li

Like any good luxury barge, the BMW 740Li Luxury is styled to conceal its mammoth 205.3-inch length in an elegant, timely design. Despite the elongated rear door, the proportions of this car do not look gangly.

Rent a BMW 740Li

BMW X3 sDrive20i

The BMW X3 sDrive20i has a styling that’s smart and suave; a versatile layout; responsive road performance; and impressive fuel efficiency. It’s one of the best picks among compact luxury crossover SUVs.

Rent a BMW X3 sDrive20i

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