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Brisk Business for Car Rentals Over the Chinese New Year Period

Channel News Asia, 23 January 2023

Ace Drive said business has been “overwhelming”, with its entire fleet of 240 vehicles fully booked nine days before the eve of Chinese New Year. The types of cars booked range from regular Japanese cars to “exotic” two-door cars, said the firm’s executive director April Koh. 

This is “exceptional” compared to previous years, she said. “In the past, we had vehicles available for rent all the way up to the eve, but this year we are completely booked,” she said. This is despite registering more vehicles in the lead up to the festive period.

20% Increase in Price Compared to 2022’: High Demand for Car Rentals During CNY Despite Price Hikes

AsiaOne, 17 January 2023

The company’s executive director April Koh attributed the demand to various factors. For example, many potential car buyers have put their plans on hold amid the current high certificate of entitlement (COE) and loan interest rates.

Thus, she said, “many turn to car rentals as an interim transport remedy in the hope that COEs trend downwards in the coming months”.

High Demand for Car Rentals During Chinese New Year Despite Price Hikes

The Straits Times, 17 January 2023

Car rental firm Ace Drive said they are fully booked for this Chinese New Year. 35 percent of its 240-strong fleet is booked from Jan 18 to 27, with 33 percent of the bookings being for its seven-day rental package and 2% of the bookings being for the five-day package. 65% of the bookings were from rentals or leases that are beyond 7 days. 

The company’s executive director April Koh attributed the demand to various factors. For example, many potential car buyers have put their plans on hold amid the current high certificate of entitlement (COE) and loan interest rates.

More People Choose to Rent a Car for Chinese New Year Celebrations; Car Rental Companies: Chinese New Year Bookings Soared by More Than 60%

8world, 5 January 2023

April Koh, Ace Drive’s Executive Director, said: “I believe that due to the loosening of borders, more tourists will enter the country, and more potential car owners will put off their plans to buy a car because of the high price of the certificate of ownership and bank interest rates. Car rental is a temporary solution.”

Higher Demand for Car Sharing, Rental Services Amid Surging COE Prices

Channel News Asia, 23 November 2022

Ace Drive said more customers are coming in to rent after scrapping their vehicles once their COEs expire because they cannot afford to get a replacement. 

“We have been noticing a spike in rental demand for a few months now, mainly because of the uptrend in COE prices,” said Ace Drive executive director April Koh. 

“Most of our customers are telling us that they are putting a halt on their purchasing plan to see if they can rent or lease a car during this interim period. And possibly buy a car when the COE prices plunge.”

Demand for Shared Electric Cars and Wedding Car Rentals Have Fallen

8world, 25 May 2021

According to April Koh, General Manager of car rental company, Ace Drive, many people wanted to avoid public transportation as much as they can. Hence, the demand for car rental in general, except for the wedding car rental segment, has not been largely affected.

“Some customers have also been asking recently how we clean and disinfect our vehicles. We used to prepare a vehicle for about 15 to 30 minutes. Now, with our enhanced cleaning procedure, it takes us about 45 minutes to an hour to carry out the cleaning and disinfection work,” said April Koh.

Luxury Car Dealers See Sales Boost From First-Time Buyers, Regular Customers Seeking To Pamper Themselves

Today Online, 25 April 2021

Ms. April Koh, 31, the general manager of car leasing firm Ace Drive, said rentals for its luxury car fleet have also seen a boost since the pandemic began.

“Because people cannot travel out of Singapore for holidays and whatnot, customers have come in because they want a joyride, want a luxury car experience, or want to rent a car for birthday occasions and celebratory occasions,” said Ms Koh.

Some have come in to rent a luxury car while waiting for their own new ride to arrive in Singapore, she said.

The firm has seen a 75 percent jump in new customers, of which 20 percent were customers looking to rent luxury cars.

Ace Drive Gets You To Places

TallyPress, 03 December 2018

Most car rental businesses target only the mass market such that the niche market for luxury/exotic sports cars is slightly neglected. Hence, Ace Drive has become one of Singapore’s premier car rental and leasing providers that offers the widest range of luxury, sports, and exotic cars. This became one of their unique selling points that differentiates them from most other car rental companies. 

Rental of 'Auspicious' Luxury Cars Is Hot This Chinese New Year

The Straits Times, 03 January 2017

At least one car rental company offering luxury car rental is seeing a near-sweep of vehicles such as Porsches, Volvos, and Audi sports cars for the upcoming Chinese New Year period.

The vehicles, which can cost more than $4,000 for seven days’ rental, are rented as “good omens”, Lianhe Wanbao reported on Tuesday (Jan 3).

Managing Director of luxury car rental company Ace Drive, Mr. Jesse Tan, told Wanbao that some 100 cars it has for rental have nearly all been booked this year, even before the company put up advertisements for the Chinese New Year period.

3 Floral Wedding Car Decorations Every Modern Bride Needs To Know

SingaporeBrides, 20 April 2017

The Porsche Boxster 2.7 Tiptronic Convertible from Ace Drive is the perfect ride for couples who want to flaunt their sporty side while maintaining a hint of glitz and glamour. The sleek two-seater car boasts luxurious leather interiors and a convertible top that you can summon up in bad weather or leave down for that wind-in-the-hair look.

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