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It’s an Ace Experience

Ace Drive, a company of Reach Group, is a leading and multi-award-winning car rental company in Singapore. Backed by more than two decades of industry experience, it is the first to bring the finest luxury, sports, and exotic car experience, as well as tailor-made corporate and personal car rental and leasing solutions to the Singapore market.

Known for being the best one-stop choice for car rentals, most especially for luxury and sports car rentals, its vast and impressive fleet of more than 200 cars includes cars from top-notch car brands; including Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, MINI, Porsche, Volvo, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Mazda.

Whether you need a car for a business, corporate or personal event, weekend break, or just a road trip, we have the perfect car for your needs. More than just numbers and awards, Ace Drive constantly redefines what it means to be a car rental company, taking pride in a brand and fleet that represent not just prestige, comfort, and style but also passion and excellence.

As Singapore’s premier and most trusted car rental company, we’ll always strive to provide you with the best, be it in terms of car selection, customer service, process, price, deal, or experience.

History & Related Entities

In 2000, Speed Credit Pte Ltd was incorporated to provide competitive credit facilities to consumers and traders alike, and in 2006 it evolved into the car wholesale business. Speed Credit is now recognised as one of the leading financing and B2B vehicle traders in the industry, with strong links to key anchor points.

Cars & Stars Pte Ltd was the next logical progression. Incorporated in 2007, it has since then grown to be one of the top parallel importers of cars in Singapore. Retailing cars to customers with a focus on customer experience, Cars & Stars went on to be the first car boutique to secure the CaseTrust-SVTA accreditation, as well as ISO 9001:2000 certification, and is one of the major drivers of the parallel importer industry today.

Ace Drive was an idea that was conceived in 2008 by our Managing Director, Mr. Jesse Tan, who noticed the growing popularity of fractional ownership models globally. Through his travels, business contacts, experience, and foresight, he incubated the idea and modified the fractional ownership model to build up a unique model that catered to Asia’s market. With the warm support of all our customers, we’ve achieved remarkable growth and have expanded our rental and leasing services, and exponentially grown our fleet of cars.

The Ace Team

Ace Drive values staff as its core assets, allowing smooth operations and ensuring that customers receive the very best the industry can give.


From people, comes experience. And from experience, comes knowledge. What makes the Ace Drive team so successful is the following knowledge, among other reasons.

  • Competitive packages for customers

  • Customer-oriented mentality

  • Key industry links to vehicle dealers, insurance agents, workshops, and agencies

  • Understanding of market trends, needs, and practices

  • Quick resolution of issues


As a commitment to you, we are laying out some of the service standards practised diligently in Ace Drive.

  • 24 hours response for enquiries

  • 1-2 hours response time for emergencies

  • 4-8 hours response time for non-emergency issues

  • Replacement car in case of accidents, servicings, and other reasons

  • 24/7 emergency standby personnel and hotline

  • Hirers to receive one copy of the original vehicle checklist for each check

Why Rent a Car From Ace Drive?

More than just numbers and awards, Ace Drive constantly redefines what it means to be a car rental company, making every drive a reachable dream and every journey fun, safe, and memorable.
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