MINI Rental Cars in Singapore

Experience a Fun Go-Kart Adventure With Our MINI Rental Car Collection

MINI has made many “special editions” of their cars. All of them have this same image – small adorable cars that are incredibly fun. After its success, people saw MINI as a super cool retro car.

MINI is not your ordinary small car, don’t underestimate its size as it is widely considered to be a high-performance sports car. The MINI Cars usually come in hatchbacks and convertibles body styles.

If you’re craving a trendy and urban-styled car, you would definitely want to drive a MINI. It is fun to go and easy to maneuver. Aside from power, the cutie sports car has spacious and posh front seats, responsive steering, and expert sporty handling.

Get ready to love every moment you spend behind the wheel of the famous MINI Cooper Convertible! Drive it today to experience an open-ended adventure!

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