Luxury and Exotic Car Rental Deals Reservations

This is a non-obligatory reservation that is required to be filled up prior your deal purchase which can help you check on the car's availability and help you reserve it on your desired rental date.

Please take note that your rental booking date will be confirmed only upon the redemption of your deal voucher. As we are on a first come, first served basis, we strongly encourage our customers to make the booking and voucher redemption as early as possible. Thank you.

Deal Reservations Form

Terms & Conditions of the Deal

1.) Voucher is transferable and valid for 6 months. Rental usage should be within January –June 2013.

2.) Any cancellation should be done 7 days after the deal purchase. Failing which, no refund will be issued.

3.) Booking and voucher redemption must be made 30 days after the deal purchase. Otherwise, the voucher will be forfeited.

4.) Hirers are given a one-month grace period (after the deal purchase) to change their booking dates without penalty. After the grace period, a penalty of 20% of the deal rate will be imposed. We will not accept any request for date changes 2 months after the deal purchase.

5.) Car choice is subject to availability. If in case the car is unavailable, you can either choose an equivalent car or opt for a higher valued car which would require you to top up any difference on the amount (payable to Ace Drive).

6.) Age and Driving Experience Requirements

BMW 320i – 23 y/o and above, 3 years driving experience
Porsche Cayenne S Tiptronic – 29 y/o and above, 5 years driving experience
Porsche 911 Carrera 4S PDK Cabriolet – 29 y/o and above, 5 years driving experience
Porsche Boxster Tiptronic Cabriolet – 25 y/o and above, years driving experience
Ferrari 360 Modena F1 – 29 y/o and above, at least 5 years driving experience

7.) Handover and takeover of the car in our showroom during Sundays and Public Holidays would require a $53.50 surcharge (payable to Ace Drive)

8.) Not applicable for travel in Malaysia.

9.) Deposit is required, refundable and can be made by cheque or by holding amount on Credit Card in case of parking fines, traffic summons and car damage(s); non-chargeable if no such incidents occurred. It will be refunded within 7 working days after your rental.

Below are the deposit and insurance excess amount:


BMW 320i XL – $2,000
Porsche Cayenne S Tiptronic – $3,000
Porsche Boxster Cabriolet – $3,000
Porsche 911 Carrera 4S PDK Cabriolet – $8,000
Ferrari 360 Modena F1 – $10,000

Insurance Excess

BMW 320i XL – $6,000
Porsche Cayenne S Tiptronic – $10,000
Porsche Boxster Cabriolet – $15,000/$20,000
Porsche 911 Carrera 4S PDK Cabriolet – $25,000
Ferrari 360 Modena F1 – $30,000

* Insurance excess is your maximum insurance liability. It will only be chargeable for car accidents or damages liable to Hirer/Driver; No charge will be imposed if no accident or damage occurred.

10.) Mileage cap per day:
BMW 320i XL & Porsche Cayenne S Tiptronic – 150km
Ferrari 360 Modena F1, Porsche Boxster Tiptronic Cabriolet & Porsche 911 Carrera 4S PDK Cabriolet – 120km

11.) Deal rate is only inclusive of 24 hour rental, insurance and GST.

12.) Car collection must be returned the same time next day.

13.) Car can be delivered at your preferred location with $53.50 surcharge, one-way charge applies (Optional and payable to Ace Drive)

14.) Ace Drive’ sports, luxury & exotic cars have been preset with a 135km/h speed limit. Ace Drive will not be made liable for any speeding offence(s) by the Hirer. The Hirer is solely responsible for any violation of Singapore laws during the rental period.

15.) All Hirers are responsible to return the rented vehicle with a full tank level. All vehicles will be given a full tank or otherwise stated on the collection date.

176.) Please take note of the following penalties:

Mileage Cap Excess – 2% per km charge of the deal rate.
Excess Hours – 20% of deal rate
Level less than the given full tank level – $5 per litre
For delivery / pick up request less than 3 days in advance from rental date – $20? (penalty) + usual service charge.
For smoking – $250 penalty