Long Term Car Rental

Rent A Car For Long Term Car Rental or Car Lease.

Long Term Quotation Form Singapore fr. $1,299

  • Mercedes-Benz S300L
    Black Mercedes-Benz S300L

    Luxury Sedan Car

  • Mercedes-Benz S300L Long Term Car Rental
    Silver Mercedes-Benz S300L

    Luxury Sedan Car

  • Lexus IS250 Long Term Car Rental
    Black Lexus IS250

    Luxury Sedan Car

  • Porsche Cayenne S Long Term Car Rental
    Grey Porsche Cayenne S

    Sports / Luxury SUV

  • Black BMW 320i  Saloon Long Term Car Rental
    Black BMW 320i Saloon

    Luxury Sedan Car

  • Porscher Boxster Short Term Car Rental
    Porscher Boxster

    Sports / Cabriolet Car

Long Term Car Rental Service

Long term car rental at Ace Drive, whether on a monthly or yearly rental basis, leads you to great savings. You will be able to rent a reliable car at the lowest possible cost. If you are renting a car for personal or corporate use, our cheap long term rental rates will definitely fit your budget.

Whatever your car preference is, we are sure that you can find the perfect rental car model or type that you want. We carry brands like Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Honda, Maserati, Mini, Lexus, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen. All our cars were carefully hand-picked and fairly priced to provide you with the best quality and value.

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We understand how expensive it is to own a car in Singapore, which is why we try our best to bring in more rental cars to cater your needs. Aside from adding more cars to our fleet, we also strive hard in keeping our prices low to be able to provide the cheapest long term car rental deal in Singapore.

Over the years, our long term car rental service has been known to be helpful and reliable to many foreigners, locals and expats in Singapore who need a car for corporate, business and family use.

Our team is also geared toward earning your highest satisfaction and to provide you with continued unmatched long term car rental service.

Let us know how we can help you, feel free to fill out our long term quotation request form to receive a non-obligatory quote on your preferred car model(s). Alternatively, please feel free to contact Nicholas Tan at +65 8830 3353.

Please note that we do not provide rentals for Uber/Grab usage.

Benefits of our Long Term Car Rental Service

  • Over 80 cars available for long term rental. Whether you want a premium or budget Japanese or Continental car, we can definitely provide you one. Car types range from luxury, exotics, saloons, MPVs, SUVs, cabriolets and hatchbacks.
  • Perfect for executives who does business in and out of Singapore and West Malaysia.
  • Free Second Driver.
  • Option to change vehicles when needed.
  • No additional hidden cost. All long term car rental rates are before 7% GST and are inclusive of:
    • Full comprehensive insurance.
    • 100% legal rental status converted at LTA.
    • Replacement of vehicle while under maintenance.
    • 24 Hours Breakdown Service.
    • Cost of Maintenance, Road Tax & Inspection.
    • Wear & Tear Parts Replacement.

  • Cars Available for Long Term Rental

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