Win a Free Car Rental in Singapore!

Want to win a free car rental? Then join us, submit your actual photo and ask your friends to like your entry on our Facebook Page.


FIRST PRIZE: $500 Rental Voucher / “FREE RENTAL”
Choices: BMW 320i Cabriolet / BMW 523i / Mercedes-Benz C180 CGI / Porsche Boxster / MINI Cooper Convertible Classic (M)
SECOND PRIZE: $300 Rental Voucher
THIRD PRIZE: $100 Rental Voucher
5 LUCKY DRAWS: $50 Rental Voucher Each!
BONUS: $100 rental voucher if customer submits an actual photo together with our car.

*Rental vouchers are valid for ALL continental cars & are applicable for normal rental only.

You still have plenty of time to catch up. So don’t forget to submit your particulars and actual photo today at


1.) It’s easy and free! You only need to submit your photo and ask your friends to “like” your entry. The more friends you have,the more chances you have to win a free rental.
2.) Very low competition!
3.) We are the only company that gives away a free luxury & exotic car rental in Singapore.
4.) You get a souvenir of your favorite sports car together with your actual photo!


1.) “Like” Ace Drive on Facebook :

2.) Submit your particulars and actual photo at
Please take note that we need your particulars for insurance and verification purposes.

3.) Once all requirements are submitted, WE WILL DO THE SUPER IMPOSE OF YOUR PHOTO with the lucky car that you picked and we will post it on our Facebook Page. We will also put in the necessary instructions to make it easy for your supporters to like your entry.

See the below picture to check on what a super impose photo is.

4.) Ask your friends to “like” us at and “like” your photo entry on our Facebook Page.

5.) The participant’s photo with the highest “likes” on the 15th of June 2012, 23:59 will win a FREE RENTAL / $500 rental voucher. If the winner has submitted an actual wedding photo together with our car, an extra $100 voucher will be given on top of the prize.

The second with the highest “likes” will get $300 rental voucher while the third will get $100 rental voucher. We will also do 5 lucky draws for all those who liked our page within the duration of this contest.

6.) All winners will be sent an email the next day with the instructions on how to claim their rental vouchers. Please take note that all rental vouchers are transferable.


1.) You need to be between 26-65 years old with a minimum of 3 years of clean driving to qualify on this Facebook Contest.
2.) You need to complete all the requirements mentioned above.
3.) A minimum of 30 likes is needed to win this contest.


1.) No previous winners can participate on this Facebook Contest.
2.) Rental vouchers are transferable but non-refundable.
3.) Rental vouchers cannot be converted to cash.
4.) Rental voucher usage and validity is only till end of year 2012.
5.) One rental voucher is equivalent to one car only.
6.) One rental voucher entitles you with one usage only.
7.) Car choice is subject to availability.
8.) All photos submitted can be used as promotional or marketing materials.
9.) The participants should meet the qualifications above if ever he/she intends to use it.
*For self-driven cars, insurance clearance is required.
*If the winner intends to transfer his/her rental voucher, the new owner should also pass our insurance clearance if he/she chooses a self-driven car.
10.) All Facebook photo “likes” should come from legitimate and active Facebook Users. We will disqualify any participants who would engage in such cheating.
11.) Other terms & conditions apply.