Implementing safe distancing measures in our offices and showroom to protect and provide our customers with a peace of mind while they are within our premises.

At Reach Group – Speed Credit, Cars & Stars & Ace Drive, your safety and well-being is our priority. In line with our government’s safe distancing measures, we have drawn up and implemented stringent distancing measures in all our offices and showroom. This was done on top of strict temperature screenings, travel declarations, rotational telecommuting / work from home arrangements for staff, provision of sanitizers and masks, as well as constant sanitation and disinfection of counters, stationery, doors, tables, chairs and all other high contact areas.

With business services still in operation, we encourage our customers to do their enquiries through our website contact forms, emails, phone calls and messengers. We also recommend payments to be done through online bank transfers before proceeding with any document processing in person.

We know these are trying times, but we’re doing our best to ensure we retain the highest standards of customer service. We thank you for all your understanding and support, we wish everyone safety and good health.

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