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Ace Drive’s luxury & exotic limousines are now available in Singapore. Our limousine services in Singapore cater all limousine needs, from special events, airport transfer to business trips and other occasions. Ace Drive’s chauffeurs are professional, courteous and well trained. Our limo services are petrol and chauffeur inclusive. So if you that convenient transportation during your special occasions, make sure you book early for your favorite limo so we can reserve it for you as soon as possible.

Choose from a variety of elegant limousines from Mercedes, Ferrari, BMW, Audi, Maserati and Porsche. Our Limousine Services are suitable for any needs and occasions, promising you the most comfortable transportation that you can ever have in Singapore.

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Limousine Services in Singapore

Corporate Limousine Service

Business travelers in Singapore commonly face transportation issues in airports and crowded places.. In a corporate arena where time is money and image is paramount, executives and business travelers turn to Ace Drive for their corporate limousines.

Ace Drive’s corporate limousine services in Singapore offer a great deal more than airport pick-ups and drop-offs, it gives the hirer the privilege to make the most out of its corporate limousine rental service.

Our Corporate limousines can be used not only for business meetings, functions and site inspections, but also for sightseeing during off-hours.

Given the luxury, convenience and reliability of our corporate limousine service, renting a limousine at Ace Drive can be surprisingly cost-effective. Our corporate limousine service rates start from $60, indeed a good value for money.

Here are some of our most loved Corporate Limousines:

Luxury & Exotic Limousine Service

A professional luxury limousine service ensures an extremely relaxing journey, plus you reach your destination in style. With Ace Drive’s Luxury Limousine Services you will arrive in style, without any stress, makes all the difference to a business meeting or a special occasion.

Travel in a limo and experience the lifestyle of the rich and famous not only for traditional ceremonies but for any special occasion of your life. With Ace Drive, offering the best fleet of vehicles at affordable prices, everyone gets an equal chance of riding one.

Ace Drive has the limousine services that would ensure you convenience, safety and consistency. With a unique variety of luxury & exotic limousines available, you are never out of choice. Check out our luxury & exotic cars below:

We are very open and flexible in accommodating your travel arrangements, kindly drop us an email here or simply give us a call at +65 6585 5555.