Linking Your IU Unit To Your Credit Card To Pay For ERP

What is an In-Vehicle Unit (IU)?

In-Vehicle Unit (IU) is a mandatory device for all Singapore-registered vehicles that must be fitted if a motorist wishes to use priced roads with Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantries and Electronic Parking System (EPS) car parks. An IU costs about S$150 (before GST and includes installation).

ERP charges are paid through a stored-value card inserted in the IU or credit card payment via Motorpay.

The second generation IU accepts Contactless NETS CashCard and CEPAS-compliant stored value cards (issued by Ezlink, NETS, and Transitlink).

How To Link Your In-Vehicle Unit To Your Credit Card

MotorPay is a service jointly provided by LTA and DBS to enable customers to pay ERP charges via their credit cards. The service currently accepts only VISA/MASTERCARD Cards from any bank.

There is no limit to the ERP charges as long as you are within your card limit. However, Motorpay’s service is subject to a monthly subscription fee of $1.07 (GST Inclusive) per vehicle.

Benefits of Motorpay:

1.) You no longer need to do top-ups for your CashCard.
2.) You can track your ERP transaction history for up to 6 months by logging into MotorPay’s website.
3.) You can consolidate your ERP charges across vehicles. One single registration for all your family vehicles means all your ERP charges are consolidated in one handy bill.

How to Sign up Online
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Register your vehicle with your full name, NRIC, IU number, and your credit card details.
Step 3: Upon successful registration, you will receive an email confirmation. Your MotorPay service will be activated within 7 days.

How to Sign up via AXS Stations (For DBS / POSB Card Holders)
Step 1: Select ‘DBS/POSB’
Step 2: Select ‘Services’
Step 3: Select ‘Apply for MotorPay’