Best Car Rental Deal in SIngapore

If you want to visit and rent a car in Singapore, then here’s how you can get the best car rental deal.

1.) Do some online research. Each car rental company in Singapore has a website, so you can easily grasp information like rental prices, rental fleet, terms & conditions and other guidelines in a few clicks. If this information is not available, take some time to drop them an email to get all the rental information that you need.

2.) Choose the best car available. Do you already have some car choices in mind? If you have a limited budget and would only use the car for non-business purposes, then you can go for Japanese Cars. Japanese cars for rent in Singapore are usually cheaper. You can rent one for as low as $50. However, if you need a car for special and corporate purposes, then choose a luxury car that will help you make a good impression. Luxury cars for rent in Singapore will usually cost you $200-$1,000.

3.) Compare quotations. Now that you already have a car in mind, gather at least 3-5 rental quotations from different car rental companies in Singapore. Remember to compare and assess each quotation thoroughly.

Rental quotations are sometimes deceiving, so make sure that you check on what they cover. How many hours does the quotation cover? Is the given quotation already tax inclusive? What is the maximum mileage cap? What’s the term & conditions like? Is the quotation already tax inclusive? By comparing quotations, you get the idea on which company really offers a good rental deal.

4.) Look for promotions. Singapore is known for its wide range of online deals or discounts. So make sure to check if there is an on-going promotion. Promotions are usually found on the company’s website and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Or sometimes, you receive them automatically on your email when you subscribe to their newsletters. If you’re lucky, you can get as much as 50% discount!

5.) Read the terms. Read their FAQs and terms & conditions carefully. Some rental companies in Singapore would charge you extra when you don’t meet their requirements. Or sometimes, they impose certain rental penalties orsurcharges, so make sure that you understand each and every term they have.

Below are the things that you need to take note of:

a. Minimum age requirement

b. Driving license requirement

c. Driving records (Years of driving experience)

d. Cost of Deposit and/or Insurance Excess

e. Maximum Insurance Liability

f. Mileage Cap, Speed Limit, Delivery / Pick Up Service, Holiday and Weekend Surcharge

6.) Check if the car is legal for rental. Does the car that you want to rent come with a comprehensive insurance coverage? Make sure that the car that you’re renting is legal for rental. You can easily identify the difference between legal and illegal rental cars in Singapore by just looking at the road tax disc which you can spot on the front windscreen of the car. A legal rental car will bear a print “MOTORCAR”, where as a private passenger car will show “PASSENGER (PRIVATE)”.

So make sure to ask your chosen car rental company about the car’s insurance coverage. Beware of illegal rental car to avoid any unwanted risks and claims.

7.) Book in advance. Once you are sure of the car that you want to rent, as much as possible do an early booking. In Singapore, the earlier you book, the better. Most of the car rental companies in Singapore offer a decent early booking discount to secure reservations. Usually you get 10-20% early booking discount when you book 6-12 months earlier.