A premium rental company, Ace Drive, offers a unique, practical and smart way of owning and driving a collection of luxury, sports & exotic cars in Singapore for several weeks within a year without the cost and hassle of car ownership.

Jesse Tan, the Managing Director of Ace Drive said, “Fractional Leasing is the answer for those who are seeking a good alternative to huge down payments and high cost of car ownership in Singapore.” He also added, “Variety is a spice of life. As such, Fractional Leasing gives you the privilege to drive an entire collection of high-end vehicles in Singapore.

Rather than investing in just one exotic car, and coughing-up a substantial amount of money from time to time for all the maintenance, insurance, repairs, road tax and other additional costs of car ownership, Fractional Leasing makes it possible for everyone to own multiple cars without worrying about all the costs of ownership.

Benefits of Fractional Leasing

Excessively Low Rates Compared To Car Rental.
With Fractional Leasing, you can drive all your dream cars and at the same time enjoy 40-70% discount for all rentals.

Full Unrestricted Access To Ace Drive’s Luxury, Sports & Exotic Fleet.
Ace Drive’s fleet includes a range of marques like Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Lexus and Porsche.

Use The Car Only When You Need It.
No need to get tied with a long term rental commitment. With Fractional Leasing, you have the freedom to choose when to use your car.

Complimentary Replacement Vehicle During Servicing.
Ace Drive’s Fractional Leasing Package includes provision for a replacement vehicle should a Member Car’s needs maintenance or repairs.

All Additional Costs are Package Inclusive.
The cost of car, COE, insurance, maintenance, road tax and repairs are package inclusive – all members do not have to worry about all these additional costs.

Changing Of Car Is Allowed.
An FL member gets the privilege of being able to change their car whenever they want to.

24 Hours Breakdown Assistance.
A dedicated 24/7 hotline that all members can call in case of emergencies and unexpected car break downs.

To enjoy all the above benefits, a customer needs to sign up as an FL Member. All FL Members are entitled with 28 days of driving which they can use anytime they want, allowing them to drive multiple cars in 1 year.

For a membership fee of S$188 per year, Fractional Leasing makes the math more workable as compared to the total cost of buying a brand new or even a second-hand luxury car.

Ace Drive’s FL Members include expatriates, celebrities, executives from mid-to-high societies, jet setters and business owners. While no member is the same, they all share in a passion for fast, thrilling and luxurious cars.

With Fractional Leasing, many car enthusiasts are now able to reach and drive the car of their dreams in Singapore.