A lot of brides want their wedding invitations to have that lovely and unique touch. They see to it that the final draft of their wedding invitation is perfect and has that classic look and feel.

Nowadays, you no longer need a multimedia expert to do your most precious wedding invitation. Because in this age, unique invitations mean innovation. If you are creative, then hey, you no longer need to go over budget, you can just do it yourself and save lots of money! There are many free software available online that you can use in designing your wedding invitation. Software which are not hard to use but can create beautiful wedding invitations based on your preference. Be creative, play with it and polish it.

Here are some unique wedding invitations that we’ve found on the internet:

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Wedding invitation ideas and tips


A great way to customize wedding stationary is to add little cute touches that really make it look personalized. So stop by your local craft store to pick up some tropical looking flowers in the scrap-booking section. You can glue them to the corners to create a ‘brooch’ effect.

Another way to add a floral touch to your wedding invitation is to use real flowers. Look for beautiful flowers that match the colors of your wedding theme and press them in a book. Leave pressed for a month or two and come back to them. Spray them with a clear coat and then add them glue them on to your wedding invitation. This is a great way to make low-cost wedding invitations. A beautiful and classic way to make a lovely wedding invitation!


Applying ribbons to your wedding invitations is a great way to add color and style without spending a lot of money. It can be something simple or an elaborate pattern of bands, either way it can really add dimension to the wedding invitation. Many brides want modern wedding invitations nowadays, and adding ribbon is a great way to do that. We’ve seen ribbons used with a buckle glued on to it to look like a belt, beautiful modern brooches and even crisscrossing ribbon corsets. Ribbon comes relatively cheap and can be used in a number of different ways. Which ever you choose is sure to get you the modern wedding invitations you seek. Be creative!


A growing trend in wedding stationary now-a-days is to incorporate different unique patterns, but ultimately look unified. Generally if you’re going to put unique patterns together yourself, you need to have an artistic touch. This can also give you modern wedding invitations. Mix three different patterns to create unique wedding invites: stripes, plaid and polka dots will give your wedding invitation a gorgeous modern twist. Buying your paper at a craft store can be relatively cheap keeping it easy to decorate low-cost wedding invitations. It’s all about mix and match of patterns!

Fall and Nature Theme

Fall weddings are beautiful because the deep colors used are just so warm and inviting. So when thinking about how you’re going to design your wedding invitation, keep in mind the feel and color of the season. You can find ample amount of creative craft paper and motifs on your local bookstore. Many craft stores sell papers pressed with leaves, or you can purchase tiny 3D leaves to add to the corners of the wedding invitations. Search around you can find inspiration everywhere. Find and create something that speaks to your personal style!