Pamela first saw Daryl during her freshman orientation camp, but neither were ready for a relationship at that point in time. Little did they know that a mutual friend was about to reintroduce them. Sparks flew and they became inseparable. Five years on these two lovable sweethearts are now husband and wife.

The Couple

Pamela Loo
Daryl Song

Date of Wedding

6 September 2014

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You mentioned meeting through NUS Catholic Students’ Society, but that group is huge! It’s nearly impossible to get to know everyone. So Pamela, would you mind sharing how you got to know one another?

I first noticed him when I attended the society’s freshmen orientation camp in 2009, but we only really got to know each other when a mutual friend invited me to join her in this fund-raising project that she was planning with Daryl. Soon enough the fund-raising project became a convenient excuse for us to hang out, and the rest is history.

That’s so sweet! It must have been God sent when your mutual friend asked you to join the fund-raiser. Now that you had been dating for some time the next important will be the proposal. How did he ask you to marry him?

He planned a small but intimate set-up in the park near my place, where he first asked me to be his girlfriend. All through that week, he was telling me about this fitness ‘app’ he wanted to try out, and kept insisting that we go for a run on Saturday morning.

On Saturday, he appeared in my bedroom in his running gear and pulled me out of bed. My guard was down as I was half asleep, so I headed to the park with him without a clue that he was going to propose! Eventually he got me to sit on a bench in the park, and said he needed to run off to test whether the ‘app’ on his iPhone could link up with the iPad which he left with me. Once he was out of sight, I switched on the iPad and a video montage that he prepared started to play.

Of course, I broke down then, realizing what was happening. He re-appeared at the other end of the park with flash cards in his hands and the first song we danced to began playing in the background. When he got down on his knee, we were both so overwhelmed with joy and tears! My sister appeared with the flowers and ring, and immediately I said yes! It was the perfect proposal.

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Wow! I loved his approach. It was simple yet unexpected. Well, come to think of it, wasn’t your wedding full of surprises as well? I hope you wouldn’t mind sharing the delightful details with our readers.

We had an intimate lunch celebration with our friends from church at Nosh the day after our wedding, and our friends surprised us with a flash mob! They composed a song for us to the tune of ‘Greased Lighting’ that really touched and cracked us up.

Daryl also surprised me with a dance that he had been practicing for with his friends. I almost fell off my chair laughing! It was a really memorable wedding lunch.

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Our interview is coming to a close. Is there any wedding vendors you would like to recommend to our lovely couples back at Perfect Weddings?

My husband Daryl and I had a very enjoyable experience with Ace Drive. He requested for the BMW 630i that we hired to be waxed and polished before the wedding, and Betty from Ace graciously obliged. Working with them was very straightforward and hassle-free. It saved us a lot of trouble especially since we had so much else to attend to! We would definitely recommend Ace Drive if you are looking to hire a car for your wedding.

The Details

Wedding Car: Ace Drive
Bridal Studio: Time Taken to Make a Dress
Suit: K by Kevin Seah / Tailor on Ten
Photographer: Nicole Then
Videographer: Alvinadeline & Co.
Make up Artist: Jesslin Ng (Tresses Studio)
Venue: Church of St Francis Xavier, NOSH Restaurant & Bar
Decor: Vanilla House Creations / Fleurapy