Car Club in Singapore


Ace Drive’s Exotic & Sports Car Cub in Singapore would definitely bring you the priceless thrill of driving different exotic cars every month. With our Exotic & Sports Car Club Singapore you can drive an exotic car anytime and anywhere.

With Ace Drive’s Exclusive Exotic & Sports Car Club Singapore Membership, everyone gets to to rent sports & exotic cars at extremely competitive rates. Our membership fee is only $188 which is already valid for 1 year. Click here to know more.

Why Become an Exotic & Sports Car Club Member?

Having a fleet of exotic & sports cars ready for any of our Car Club Members in Singapore at competitive rates is the perfect compliment to an urbanite lifestyle, and can be a practical choice for many exotic cars enthusiasts

Our Exotic & Sports Car Club Fleet in Singaporeare catered for a wide variety of budgets. With prices starting as low as SGD$198 per day for a Porsche Boxster, you can be sure we have something suitable for you.

Drive a Ferrari today, Porsche the next day and Maserati on a weekend. Whichever exotic or sports car you want, you get to have the experience of savoring different exotic cars without limiting yourself.

Take a Ferrari to pick your date up, a Porsche to meet up a client and a Maserati to attend a very important business. With our Exotic Car Club Singapore you can make an impression.

Ace Drive’s Exotic & Sports Car Club Singapore Package includes provision for a replacement vehicle should your car needs maintenance or repairs.

With Ace Drive’s fleet of exotic and sports cars, your options are not limited. And over time, as our Exotic Car Club Singapore fleet grows, ayou get first priority notification in being able to take the latest exotic car out for a spin.

What are the steps involved?

Becoming a member of Ace Drive’s prestigious Exotic & Sports cars club could not be any simpler.

Contact Us > Eligibility Check > Submit Documents > Become an Ace Drive Exotic Car Club Singapore Member