Ace Drive and Lions Befrienders Partnership

Loneliness, emptiness, anxiety, depression.
Isolation. Living alone, helplessly.
Dying alone. Dying unnoticed.

The thought of going through some of these may sound frightening to many. But did you know that many of our seniors in Singapore have gone through these or are continuously going through these dreadful ordeals? Worst, as brought to the media countless times over the years, some of our seniors even experience lonely and unnoticed or undetected deaths.

At Ace Drive, we all believe that our seniors deserve holistic care; they deserve to live with dignity and peace of mind until the end of their lives; they need a caring community to look after them and support them in their needs.
In line with our beliefs and advocacy for senior care, we have partnered with Lions Befrienders to raise awareness on their “I’m not afraid to die, BUT NOT ALONE!” Fundraising Campaign and help tackle social isolation and loneliness among seniors.
Lions Befrienders’ Prevent Loneliness & Depression in Seniors Car Decals are now displayed on Ace Drive’s rental cars. Should you share the same advocacy or would like to contribute and help our seniors, please scan the QR code printed in the car decal or simply go to to donate. 100% of your donation will go to our seniors. Your act of kindness will enable Lions Befrienders to provide tools for virtual befriending, telehealth, telemedicine, and digital clinics for seniors, as well as food rations of essential items, customised programmes, and activities during this difficult time.

Make a difference today. Together, we can prevent loneliness and depression in our seniors and help make them become healthier and happier individuals, empowered to move forward in life with confidence and hope![prime_gallery width=”200″ height=”150″ desktop=”4″ tablet=”3″ mobile=”2″ border=”1″]