We can’t help with the ever-increasing petrol prices but we can lessen our spending with some pointers. The following are 6 fuel saving tips to help you stretch your dollar.

1. Remove unnecessary weight

Stop driving around with bulky items like golf clubs, shopping trolley, baby prams, etc when you don’t need it. Your car needs more effort to move when it is fully loaded. Try clearing unnecessary items off your car and you will most likely reduce your car’s fuel consumption.

2. Remember to switch off engine when Idling

Your car still burns petrol when it is idling. To save petrol, remember to switch of your car engine the next time you wait for your friend at the carpark.

3. Plan your trips

Plan your routes carefully and run your errands around in a single trip. With proper planning, you do not need to make several short trips and go extra miles to complete your errands. This will help you save both time and fuel.

4. Drive smoothly

Avoid flooring the accelerator every time when the traffic light turns green. Drive smoothly and keep your engine rev below 3000rpm. This will not only save you fuel but also avoid wearing out your car gears which will cost thousands of dollars to replace.

5. Maintain the correct tyre pressure

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure will not only extend the life of your tyres but also maintain fuel efficiency. Under inflated tyres will have uneven contact with the road. It will not only cause the tyres excessive wear and tear but also increase rolling resistance with the road. Higher rolling resistance would result in more effort to move the car on the road hence increase fuel consumption. Be sure to maintain the recommended tyre pressure (stated in your vehicle manual) for optimum fuel consumption.

6. Service your car regularly

Engine oil, ATF oil (applicable for auto gearbox) and air filters need to be changed to ensure your car runs smoothly. Have your car checked and serviced regularly by your trusted workshop. If necessary, get your mechanic to tune your car engine to get your engine to run optimally. Your car engine will burn petrol more efficiently when it is well tuned and running smoothly.

Other than your driving habits, car maintenance also play an important part in car fuel consumption. If you own a car, remember to take good care of it so that it will put lesser strain on your wallet when it comes to fuel cost. If you need a car but do not want the hassle for taking care of it, the most recommended option is to lease a car. Leave all the maintenance and hassle to us when you lease a car at Ace Drive. Be assured that the car you drive is at tip top condition when you lease a car from us.

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