Renting a luxury car is a great way to drive a six-figure exotic car without the hassle of having to actually purchase one. Why commit and purchase a luxury car when you can rent and drive away a large range of luxury and exotic rental fleet? A reliable luxury car rental company will save you time on all maintenance like the COE, insurance, road tax, repairs, grooming, and many others.

So here are our top 5 tips for renting a luxury car in Singapore to help you!

No. 5: Make sure to check the luxury car that you are renting is legal


In the past, you may refer to the road tax disc to check if the vehicle has the word “Motorcar” and what this means is that the luxury car you are renting is a legal car registered with LTA for rental purposes.

However, LTA announced on 29 August 2016 that it will stop issuing road tax discs. This means when you are renting a luxury car, ensure your luxury car rental companies produce documents to proof the luxury car is legal for rent.

No. 4: No Smoking, please


Many smokers think just by winding down the window and no one will be able to smell when the luxury car is returned. But they do not know that non-smokers are able to smell it easily. Beware of the unnecessary hefty penalty fee that may be imposed.

No. 3: Insurance coverage


It is important to ensure your luxury car rental provides full comprehensive insurance coverage. Accidents do happen and the last thing you want is to be paying expenses out of your pocket.

Leave the hassle of paperwork to Ace Drive. We provide a fully comprehensive insurance coverage so you can drive your dream luxury car with enjoyment and most importantly with a peace of mind.

No. 2: Inspections before driving


Beware of car rental companies that do not conduct an inspection when you are picking up your car and you may end up paying for scratches that weren’t caused by you. At Ace Drive, we believe in total customer satisfaction. Our friendly staffs will conduct a thorough inspection together with you before you drive away your luxury car worry-free.

No. 1: Rent a luxury car for less


Nobody likes to be paying for more than they need. Don’t forget to check for promotions regularly and also lookout for long-term renting packages to save cost. At Ace Drive, we have promotions regularly and also offers a wide range of rental packages to cater to all needs.

Fractional Leasing  is a cost-saving program designed by Ace Drive’s team to provide everyone with unlimited access to a large collection of high-end, luxury, sports and exotic cars at a fraction of a cost. Members enjoy up to 60% off plus complimentary 200KM mileage per day.