Renting a car in Singapore can be cost saving for individuals and even for corporates. Moreover, it can also save lots of time and effort taking care of maintenance, insurance and all the paperwork of buying a car.

Want to know what are the important factors to take into consideration when renting a car in Singapore? Allow us to help you with this guide.

Duration of rental

You have to know how often do you need a rental car for. Are you looking to drive daily or do you only need to drive occasionally? Once you know how often you actually need a car, it will help you much better to narrow down a car rental package that suit your needs.

For example, you may only need a car whenever one of your oversea customers is visiting Singapore and you wanted to start off a great impression and build a relationship with him by driving him from the airport and/or bringing out for dinner. In this case, signing up Fractional Car Leasing with Ace Drive will certainly help you save big. With Fractional Car Leasing, you have the freedom to choose any luxury cars that your clients prefer with much lower rates compared to our regular rates.  You can drive away a BMW or Mercedes-Benz from as low as $168.

If you’re an HR manager and is sourcing for a long-term rental car for expatriate employees as a benefit or simply for running errands or logistics for your business, then you could consider leasing a car. Ace Drive offers comprehensive car leasing packages with rental period from 12 months onwards to suit all your needs. Always remember the longer you lease the more you could save on your car rental costs.

Know which car model and make

Not sure whether to rent a Japanese car or continental cars?

If you’re an expat with a tight budget and need to run errands and going places on the weekend with your family, then choosing a Japanese Car is a practical choice for you. However, please note that Ace Drive’s luxury car rental is priced very closely to our Japanese Car. This means you could easily drive a much comfortable car with just a couple of hundreds more per month.  

As for continental car rentals, we can’t guarantee you will definitely close an important business deal by driving a sports car to your business meetings, but you can’t deny that it does help to create an excellent first impression and that you are successful and is doing well in your job and not forgetting that you made an effort to better showcase yourself. Driving your valuable customers around for business entertainment in a Maserati or Porsche 911 certainly will make both your time together unforgettable and a memorable one. In other words, a luxury/continental car is definitely better just like it’s always more presentable in a business suit than dressing in T-shirt and shorts. We all know it is also more comfortable on the roads in your luxury rental car and most importantly all luxury car brands excel when it comes to car safety ratings.

Customer service is all it matters

What differentiate Ace Drive from other car rental companies in Singapore beside our competitive prices and wide range of car selections is that we offer a very comprehensive package for both short-term and long-term rental which include cost of maintenance, inspection, free second driver, insurance coverage, replacement of vehicle, 24 hours breakdown service, road tax and many more.

Most importantly, it is our consistent great service to our customers both new and existing. Our relationship with customers do not stop after they picked up their cars, we are always eager and happy to help and answer all questions that our customers while they are still renting our cars. Our top priority is to ensure all our customers have a great experience.

Contact us to rent a car today and don’t forget to check out our current exciting car rental promotion rates as well!