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Honda Car Rental Singapore

Honda is a legendary manufacturer known for building the most practical and reliable cars in the world. Considered to be one of the biggest and most important car manufacturer, Honda is the most purchased brand that has captured people’s trust.

Honda signifies reliability, affordability and durability. Its cars are perfect for those who are looking for a cheap but decent ride. Striving to be the best, Honda, has been consistently producing products and introducing technology that will benefit the auto consumers at large.

Honda took enormous effort to its cars’ safety innovations. In fact, it remains to be the forefront of advanced airbag technology, producing the first ever front passenger airbag that deploys vertically instead of directly toward the passenger. Aside from airbags, Honda also recognized the necessity of protection against collisions between cars of different size, weight and height.

The range of Honda cars on the market is overwhelmingly extensive, with each model offering a unique experience behind the wheel.

Honda Cars For Rent

Honda Accord

Honda Accord is one of the luxurious Japanese Car models in Singapore. Honda Accord is a synthesis of advanced styling, complete comfort, and sophistication. This luxurious sedan is introduced with power and passenger space. As compared to other sedan models, Honda Accord is much impressive and more dynamic in drive. Honda Accord’s extreme bold and aggressive looks make the car more exclusive and elite.

Rent A Honda Accord

Honda Fit

The Honda Fit is a super-metro champion, it is a subcompact five-door hatchback that offers exceptional space efficiency and fuel economy in an affordable and stylish package. The Honda Fit is one of the most fun small cars in its class to drive. This cool hatchback has already won a multitude of awards that prove the vehicle’s dominance.

Rent A Honda Fit

Honda Stream RSZ

Honda Stream RSZis a second generation stream that comes with a very nice RSZ bodykit that makes it look more sporty and elegant. The Honda Stream RSZ’s hallmarks are its stylish enhancements, reliable performance, drivability, versatility and dynamic design.

Rent A Honda Stream RSZ

Honda Vezel

Honda Vezel is certainly a modern vehicle with beautiful outward appearance, using the same platform as the model Fit. Its size is between the Fit and CR-V and wears a features of the sporty crossover.

Rent A Honda Honda Vezel

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