Private Rental

Customized Private Car Rental Packages


Go places with Ace Drive’s private rental packages. Backed by a team with decades of experience in serving private rental customers and managing vehicle fleets, Ace Drive can provide you with a customized private rental package that will suit your lifestyle needs.

Private Car Rental in Singapore


Private rental is becoming an increasingly attractive option, especially in cities where the cost of ownership for a car is expensive and subjected to fluctuations. As a savvy individual, rental can complement your modernist lifestyle with the following advantages.

  • GO DEBT-FREE Rental is on a cost-basis, unlike a car purchase where you are technically in debt.
  • CHANGE IS ALLOWED You are not stuck with one single car, and when you feel like changing, it’s a hassle-free possibility.
  • FIXED COST Contend no longer with increasing insurance premiums, workshop repair costs, maintenance and servicing fees. With rental, you pay a flat cost for the contract term, and let us deal with fluctuating prices.
  • AVOID HEADACHES Don’t lose your precious time away from family and friends waiting at the workshop. Don’t cancel your plans because your car is down. With Ace Drive rental packages, if issues crop up with your car, we will issue you a replacement vehicle for temporary usage.
  • BE MOBILE, BOTH LOCALLY AND GLOBALLY The modern cosmopolitan professional sees the world as one big country. With a rental car, you are not tied down in one place. Move on to greener pastures elsewhere, with a rental option it’s easy.


Getting an Ace Drive private rental package could not be any simpler. Contact Us ? Select a Car ? Agree on a Package ? Submit Documents ? Car is Ready for You


If you are unsure of which car is a good selection for yourself, please visit our Popular Rental Choices. Over there, you will find perennial favorites of our customers, along with reasons as to what goes on in the selection criteria.

Enquiries & Rental Reservations

For enquiries, please fill out our enquiry form here. As soon as you submit this enquiry form, an auto-responder will be sent to your email automatically.

This auto-responder includes all our car rental, limo & leasing rates, car photos, insurance details, terms and conditions and all other important info about renting a car from us.

For online reservations, please fill out our insurance form here. Please take note that our car bookings can go as far as 1 year, thus, we strongly encourage our customers to reserve early.

This is a simple and non-obligatory two-minute reservations form to fill which will greatly speed up your car rental process should you wish to make a booking.

Please feel free to call us at +65 6585 5555. Alternatively, you can call us at +65 9171 1611 / +65 9178 7705.