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Car Rental Also Up - Ace Drive's Interview With Today Singapore

Luxury Car Dealers See Sales Boost From First-Time Buyers, Regular Customers Seeking To Pamper Themselves

Today Online, 25 April 2021


Ms April Koh, 31, the general manager of car leasing firm Ace Drive, said rentals for its luxury car fleet have also seen a boost since the pandemic began.

“Because people cannot travel out of Singapore for holidays and what not, customers have come in because they want a joyride, want a luxury car experience, or want to rent a car for birthday occasions and celebratory occasions,” said Ms Koh.

Some have come in to rent a luxury car while waiting for their own new ride to arrive in Singapore, she said. The firm has seen a 75 per cent jump in new customers, of which 20 per cent were customers looking to rent luxury cars.