Terms & Conditions

  • Hilton HHonors membership number must be provided at time of reservation or rental.
  • The vehicle must be rented under member’s name to earn Points.
  • No hotel stay is required to earn Points.
  • Offer is only valid for Ace Drive’s short term rental and limousine services.
  • Not valid with any other discount or promotional rate.
  • Hirers should meet the standard age and driving experience requirements.
  • Standard rental terms & conditions apply.

Ace Drive’s Standard Rental Terms & Conditions

1.) Hirers should meet Ace Drive’s age & driving experience requirements.

2.) A vehicle hire agreement between the Hirer with Ace Drive is to be executed at the time of collection of the vehicle for use, where the person executing the agreement agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions stipulated therein.

3.) A refundable deposit is required and can be made by holding amount on Credit Card in case of parking fines, traffic summons and vehicle damage(s); non-chargeable if no such incidents occurred.

4.) Maximum insurance liability applies. Insurance excess charges will only be chargeable in the event that the vehicle or any part thereof is damaged as a result of any accident caused by the Hirer and/or the authorised driver.

5.) All rental rates cover a 24 hour rental starting with the hour you pick up the vehicle. All the rates are exclusive of GST.

6.) All hirers are required to present the following:

For Singaporean – Valid Singapore Driving License & IC.
For Non-Singaporeans / Foreigners – International driving license & FIN Card / Passport.

7.) No other person can drive the vehicle, except for the hirer / its named driver(s).

8.) Apart from insurance excess, any traffic or parking violations or breaking of any law governed by the authorities of Singapore committed during the rental of the vehicle shall deem to be the responsibility of the Hirer.

9.) Vehicle must be returned the same time (or earlier) the next day.
* Operation Hours: 9:00am-6:00pm.

10.) Every vehicle is set with different maximum mileage cap per day.
* Penalty for excess Mileage Cap – 2% per km charge of the rental rate.

11.) Smoking, food and drinks inside the vehicle is not allowed.
*Penalty for smoking will be S$250.

12.) Any handover or takeover of the vehicle on Sundays and Public Holidays will require a S$50 (excluding GST) surcharge.

13.) Hirers are required to collect the vehicle at Ace Drive’s showroom. Any vehicle delivery or pick up (per trip) would require an additional sum of S$50 (excluding GST).

14.) The vehicle will be given a full tank or otherwise stated on the collection date. Thus, it is a must that the vehicle will be returned with the same fuel level.
*Penalty for level less than the given full tank level is $5 per litre.

15.) Ace Drive’s Sports, Luxury & Exotic Vehicles have been preset with a range between 125km/h – 165km/h, depends on vehicle. Pre-setting speed limits does not mean Ace Drive encourage speeding. Thus, Ace Drive will not be made liable for any speeding offence(s) by the Hirer. The Hirer is solely responsible for any violation of Singapore laws during the rental period. Penalty at $10 per km excess of the given speed limit.

16.) Not applicable for Malaysia use.

17.) Cancellation / Change of Date Penalty:

  • 100% forfeiture of rental if it is cancelled less than 2 weeks from date of rental or no show no refund.
  • 80% forfeiture of rental if it is cancelled less than 4 weeks from date of rental or change of date on the date of rental.
  • 60% forfeiture of rental if it is cancelled less than 6 weeks from date of rental or change of date 3 days before date of rental.
  • 40% forfeiture of rental if it is cancelled less than 8 weeks from date of rental or change of date 1 week before date of rental.
  • 20% forfeiture of rental if it is cancelled less than 3 months from date of rental or change of date 2 weeks before date of rental.
  • 10% forfeiture of rental if it is cancelled more than 3 months from date of rental or change of date 3 weeks before date of rental.

18.) Late return charges of 20% of rental per hour rate will be chargeable should the vehicle be returned after the stipulated period stated in the vehicle check list. A 15-minute grace period will be given, after which a full 1 hour late charge will apply.

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