Illegal Car Rentals in Singapore

In Singapore, rental of private cars through a car rental company is illegal.

According to Land Transport Authority (LTA), “private car owners are not allowed to rent out their cars through rental companies as it is illegal for both the car owner and the company to allow a private car to be used without proper insurance coverage”.

However, non-car owners may choose to hire a private vehic…

How To Get The Best Car Rental Deal in Singapore

If you want to visit and rent a car in Singapore, then here’s how you can get the best car rental deal.

1.) Do some online research. Each car rental company in Singapore has a website, so you can easily grasp information like rental prices, rental fleet, terms & conditions and other guidelines in a few clicks. If this information is not available, take some time to drop them an ema…

Car Club Membership Singapore – Exotic & Sports Cars


Ace Drive’s Exotic & Sports Car Cub in Singapore would definitely bring you the priceless thrill of driving different exotic cars every month. With our Exotic & Sports Car Club Singapore you can drive an exotic car anytime and anywhere.

With Ace Drive’s Exclusive Exotic & Sports Car Club Singapore Membership, everyone gets to to rent sports & exotic cars at…

BMW Z4 M Sport Now Available for Rent at Ace Drive + Up to 45% Discount Offers


If you love the thrills and has this extreme hype for roadsters, our Brand New BMW Z4 M Sport could be the perfect car for you.

FL – $298
Weekday – $588
Weekend – $688
Mileage Cap: 120km


DISCOUNT OFFERS:Monthly Car Promo Banner – Up to 10% Discount
5% Discount – Audi TTS Roadster & MINI Cooper Convertible Classic (M)

Weekend and Public Holiday Car Rental

Need to rent a car on a whole weekend?
Need to rent a car on a public holiday?
Need a rent a car on just 1 day weekend?

No need to worry and waste time searching for one. Ace Drive is open from Monday-Saturday from 9am-6pm to cater your weekend and public holiday car rental needs.

On top of providing weekend and public holiday rental service in Singapore, we also give out great…

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