Bridal Car

Alan Ho and Chermaine Ong – First Royal Ride

Porche Boxster and Couple

Alan Ho and Chermaine were one of the first couples to ride Ace Drive’s Porsche Boxster 2.7 Tiptronic. The first time they saw the car, they knew that this is the wedding car that will give them that “Modern royal-wedding-like” impression – and yes, it didn’t fail them.

After the wedding ceremony, Alan drove the car to the wedding reception. As soon as Alan and Chermaine felt…

Cherish with Simple Joys – The Love Story of Daryl and Pamela

Pamela first saw Daryl during her freshman orientation camp, but neither were ready for a relationship at that point in time. Little did they know that a mutual friend was about to reintroduce them. Sparks flew and they became inseparable. Five years on these two lovable sweethearts are now husband and wife.

Mini Cooper S as a Wedding Car

Bridal Car Mini Cooper S

Mini Cooper S is simply the coolest and hippest car there is. Most brides find Mini Cooper S appealing and attractive. Click here to check our MINI Cooper Convertible Classic (M).

A lot of couples would agree that a Mini Cooper S wedding car with decoration is cute and daring. Mini Cooper S has that attractive auto interior looks that captures a lot of attention and compliments too.

Most of…

Audi TTS with Wedding Car Deco

Gorgeous White Convertible Bridal Car

BMW 320i Cabriolet Wedding Car with Light Blue Motif

Gorgeous Blue Cabriolet Bridal Car

Wedding is a day sealed with hopes of a wonderful future with your loved one. It is where you make everything so special from the wedding venue, flowers, food to transportation.

If you’re looking for a cabriolet type wedding car that gives you that romantic feel, then we actually have the right wedding car for you – the BMW 320i Cabriolet. Moreover, if you love to mix and match light…

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