Personal Car Rental

Competitive Personal Car Rental Packages in Singapore

  • Mercedes-Benz S300L
    Black Mercedes-Benz S300L

    Luxury Sedan Car

  • Mercedes-Benz S300L Long Term Car Rental
    Silver Mercedes-Benz S300L

    Luxury Sedan Car

  • Lexus IS250 Long Term Car Rental
    Black Lexus IS250

    Luxury Sedan Car

  • Porsche Cayenne S Long Term Car Rental
    Grey Porsche Cayenne S

    Sports / Luxury SUV

  • Black BMW 320i  Saloon Long Term Car Rental
    Black BMW 320i Saloon

    Luxury Sedan Car

  • Porscher Boxster Short Term Car Rental
    Porscher Boxster

    Sports / Cabriolet Car

Personal Car Rental Service

Go places with Ace Drive’s personal car rental packages. Backed by a team with decades of experience in serving personal car rental customers and managing vehicle fleets, Ace Drive can provide you with a customized personal car rental package that will suit your lifestyle needs.

We offer personal car rental services suitable for your transportaion needs. Our personal car rental rates are high quality and are pretty much affordable. With our personal cars, you would not only enjoy the comfort of your journey but also the style and luxe of the car that you are driving and riding.

Our personal car rentals keep all the requirements of their passengers regarding a safe and convenient travel in mind. We provide a wide range of personal cars that can meet your requirements for your car rental needs.

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Cars Available for Personal Car Rental

Enquiries & Rental Reservations

For enquiries, please fill out our enquiry form here. As soon as you submit this enquiry form, an auto-responder will be sent to your email automatically.

This auto-responder includes all our car rental, limo & leasing rates, car photos, insurance details, terms and conditions and all other important info about renting a car from us.

For online reservations, please fill out our insurance form here. Please take note that our car bookings can go as far as 1 year, thus, we strongly encourage our customers to reserve early.

This is a simple and non-obligatory two-minute reservations form to fill which will greatly speed up your personal car rental process should you wish to make a booking.

Please feel free to call us at +65 6585 5555. Alternatively, you can call us at +65 9171 1611 / +65 9178 7705.