Expat Car Services

First-Of-Its-Kind Fractional Car Leasing & Expat Auto Services in Singapore!


With our Fractional Leasing and our Expat Auto Team, Ace Drive is the first in Singapore to launch unique and first-of-its-kind services in the automotive industry.


Fractional Leasing
A fractional leasing customer is entitled to usage rights for a car for a fraction of the cost, and yet still enjoy the advantages and perks of ownerships such as rebates and value-back-on-disposal

Expat Auto Team
Expatriate customers can rely on us for long-term rental, or to sell/purchase new cars. Our expat auto team is dedicated to providing turn-key services to make your journey in Singapore a smooth one


Now that you have a brief overview of what Ace Drive’s unique services are all about, find out more about the full benefits of Ace Drive’s Fractional Leasing and Expat Auto Team services. Alternatively, you can contact Hazel at +65 9171 1611 / Farah at +65 8223 1559.