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Make Your Wedding Anniversary More Memorable by Renting A Sports Car in Singapore

Anniversary Car Rental Service

If you want to surprise your loved one on your wedding anniversary, then we have a range of romantic convertible cars which would definitely put a smile on his/her face. Hire him or her a luxury or exotic car for the day so that he/she can drive and experience a thrilling but sweet ride on your special day.

If your spouse is a sports car enthusiast, then renting one on your anniversary would be a perfect gift. Spend some quality time together and at the same time feel the luxury and comfort of sharing a special ride with your spouse.

Anniversary gifts are something that you can keep but will eventually forget, but memories like going to a fancy dinner, visiting an opera or going through romantic places that you have never visited before while riding in a beautiful exotic car are some things that can be remembered all throughout your married life.

Anniversaries happen once a year, so why not re-live those special memories by renting one beautiful anniversary car to flaunt your love. You can make your anniversary unforgettable buy renting a Porsche Boxster 2.7 Tiptronic Convertible Anniversary Car or a BMW 320i Coupe M Sports Cabriolet Anniversary Car at Ace Drive.

Porsche Boxster 2.7 Tiptronic Convertible and BMW 320i M Sports Cabriolet are the most popular anniversary cars that our couple customers love to rent.

Just imagine how great it is to travel in an open Porsche Boxster 2.7 anniversary car with a little bit of champagne and fancy food while you enjoy watching the glitter and glamour all night long. By renting an anniversary car, you can make everlasting anniversary memories with your special someone. Play your favorite musical tunes; sing with your husband or wife. Make your anniversary the best day that you could ever spend with your loved one, make his or her breath away while you ride your lovely anniversary car.

If you want to eat out at a new hotel or at an expensive concert, then renting a BMW 320i Coupe M Sports Cabriolet Anniversary Car would be perfect. Take pictures with your memorable moments while you travel with BMW BMW 320i Coupe M Sports Cabriolet. Keep your anniversary pictures and cherish each anniversary moment that you had with your anniversary car.

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