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Audi TTS with Wedding Car Deco

Gorgeous White Convertible Bridal Car

BMW 320i Cabriolet Wedding Car with Light Blue Motif

Gorgeous Blue Cabriolet Bridal Car

Wedding is a day sealed with hopes of a wonderful future with your loved one. It is where you make everything so special from the wedding venue, flowers, food to transportation.

If you’re looking for a cabriolet type wedding car that gives you that romantic feel, then we actually have the right wedding car for you – the BMW 320i Cabriolet. Moreover, if you love to mix and match light…

Cars & Stars – New Car Sales

Cars & Stars is one of our related entity focusing on retailing brand new luxury cars.

Below are the list of services that Cars & Stars provide:
1. Sale of brand new continental cars.
2. Sale of used cars.

Cars & Stars sale of brand new luxury continental cars consist of Audi, BMW, Mini, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Smart, Toyota, Honda and Smart. Cars & Stars…

Speed Credit – 1.68% Used Car Loan

About Speed Credit
Speed Credit Pte Ltd is one of our related entity focusing on used car financing, new car financing & car insurance services in Singapore. Speed Credit provides the best used cars in Singapore and the cheapest used car loan rates that you can ever get.

Speed Credit’s Services
1. 1.68% Car Loan Promotion
2. Used Cars
3. Used Car Financing
4. New Car Auto…

How To Identify Legal Rental Vehicles in Singapore

About Legal Rental Vehicles

You can easily identify the difference between legal and illegal rental vehicles by just looking at the road tax disc. A legal rental vehicle will bear a print “MOTORCAR”, where as a private passenger car will show “PASSENGER (PRIVATE)”. Please beware of illegal rental vehicles to avoid any unwanted risks and claims.

Ace Drive’s vehicles ar…

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