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Mini Cooper S as a Wedding Car

Bridal Car Mini Cooper S

Mini Cooper S is simply the coolest and hippest car there is. Most brides find Mini Cooper S appealing and attractive. Click here to check our MINI Cooper Convertible Classic (M).

A lot of couples would agree that a Mini Cooper S wedding car with decoration is cute and daring. Mini Cooper S has that attractive auto interior looks that captures a lot of attention and compliments too.

Most of…

Romantic Wedding Vows & Wedding Wishes

Looking for the most romantic wedding vow on your wedding day? Make sure that your wedding vow is original and sweet enough to be remembered by your soon-to-be wife or husband.

Visit the links below to discover on how you could come up with an original and romantic wedding vow with a little help from the wedding vow…

Limos Service At Its Best

Best Limo Service Singapore

Trying to find a company with the best limo service in Singapore can be a hectic task. Depending on what limo service you are looking for, the two things you should always keep in mind are limo services’ price and quality. Limos services are very affordable nowadays, but you just need to know where to find the best and most practical limos services in Singapore.

Limo Service Price is…

New BMW Z4 23i M Sport Available at Cars & Stars

BMW Z4 23i M Sport For Sale at Cars & Stars

If you love fun and has this extreme passion for roadsters, a BMW Z4 roadster could be the car for you – which is one of the most eye-catching roadster in Singapore.

Our related entity, Cars & Stars is now selling a rare yellow BMW Z4 at a very reasonable price. It’s one car that you can flaunt all day long – making all people look back as they pass by a new BMW Z4. Check out its…

Tips for a Budget Wedding

Wedding is the most beautiful and important day of your life and at the same time one of the most expensive too. The average cost of a wedding today is $32,000-$85,000. Most of us worry too much about the budget set and we would hardly try to stretch it over and over again for a custom made gown, well-designed invitation cards, a professional photographer, a luxury wedding car with wedding…

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