To give an overview, Audrey Teo, the staff who is involved in this theft, took several MCs & hospitalization leaves which she used as an excuse to make her departure not noticeable to the management. After a few days into her leave, the results of her scam had started to hunt the company. A customer had called us to check his booking which is not in our system/rental records. The management was alarmed by the incident and started to trace, check & tally records, invoices, payments etc. After further investigations, we have found out that Audrey had indeed asked the affected customers to make their payment on her personal bank account instead of Ace Drive’s corporate bank account in exchange of securing the car that they want and availing huge discounts (and/or making them avail expired promotions) plus free shopping vouchers to entice them further.

Ace Drive wishes to voice out its side and clearly explain the issue that was recently published by Straits Times and other publications. The source article, “Case issues alert over car rental firm’s ‘phantom’ bookings”, was indeed very biased and one-sided, making the company look as if they have conspired with the involved sales person, Audrey Teo. Details such as honouring bookings of those who paid Ace Drive directly, doing refunds for customers who paid inside our premises or made payments to Ace Drive’s corporate bank account, extending 50% discount on the CURRENT booking (NOT to a future booking) while the investigation is still on going, advising the customers to also file a police report and mention report number G/20140525/2103 so that in case the Authority has managed to apprehend Audrey they would be able to get some or all their money back, etc. seem to have been missed on the article.

We wish to share Audrey’s schemes and clarify that WE DID HONOUR most bookings. Below are the details:

Audrey’s Scheme 1:
[Customer A] used credit card to pay for its advanced rental booking but Audrey didn’t record the booking to Ace Drive’s system but kept the credit card payment. Another customer who did an immediate booking, [Customer B], paid cash to Audrey. Audrey tagged the credit card payment of [Customer A] to Ace Drive’s system to apply for [Customer B]’s usage, so there was a payment shown in the system, hence, no alarm was caused.

Results of Scheme 1:
1.) Audrey was able to pocket [Customer B]’s cash payment.
2.) Both [Customer A] and Ace Drive didn’t know that this happened and were clueless until [Customer A]’s due date and car collection.
3.) Ace Drive HONOURED [Customer A]’s BOOKING (or even refunded if the customer requested for it) despite the fact that it lost [Customer B]’s payment as it understands that [Customer A] is not at fault.
4.) As per [Customer B], his booking was not affected at all by the scheme as it was recorded in our system. Thus, the booking was honoured.
5.) Similar to [Customer B]’s case, all the bookings of those who had paid in cash in our premises that were captured by our CCTVs were (or will be) honoured.

Audrey’s Scheme 2:
[Customer C] made an advanced booking and paid directly to Audrey by cash outside Ace Drive’s premises or made the payment via online/mobile bank transfer to Audrey’s personal bank account. Such bookings were also not entered to Ace Drive’s system. Again, both [Customer C] and Ace Drive were clueless about this unfortunate event until [Customer C]’s due date and car collection.

Result of Scheme 2:
1.) Only those cases who are like [Customer C]’s are the ones that we didn’t honour because they chose to pay Audrey by cash outside of Ace Drive’s premises or chose to transfer the money to Audrey’s personal bank account instead of Ace Drive’s corporate account in exchange of getting an attractive discount or availing an expired promotion.

To explain Mr. Chan Hwang’s case, his wife told our manager that she transferred the payment to Audrey’s personal account when she was at our showroom.​ Audrey passed her a bank account number and she transferred the payment using her mobile phone in our showroom. His wife mentioned that she did that because Audrey told her she has already paid for them (using her personal money) the day before so as to reserve the car for her. When our manager walked over, they were already done with their booking and all the paperwork. Audrey introduced our manager to them and they never spoke about their paperwork or payment. Audrey have not submitted this case & our manager have not seen the bookings thus did not suspect anything.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind our customers not to make payments to any of our staffs other than “Ace Drive Pte Ltd”.
If you wish to make fund transfers, only transfer to any of these two bank account numbers:

  • OCBC Account No: 629-119322-001 (Bank code – 7339), Swift Code: OCBCSGSG
  • DBS Account No: 003-918921-4 (Bank code – 7171), Swift Code: DBSSSGSG

We seek for your understanding and continued support to Ace Drive. If you have any concerns or clarifications regarding this unfortunate incident, please contact us at 6585-5555 or [email protected].

Thank you,
Ace Drive Management



Dear all,

Please beware of Audrey Teo Sue Yin (pictured on the left), IC No. 800409-04-5112.

We are sharing her photo and IC No. to let the public be aware of her and limit any possibilities of her doing further damages.

If anyone knows her whereabouts or any other information related to her and to this case, please contact us at 6585-5555 or email us at [email protected]

Thank you,
Ace Drive Management