Fractional Car Leasing in Singapore

Fractional Car Leasing Membership

Do you hate the high cost of owning a car in Singapore?

  • The sky-high COE prices.
  • The huge downpayment and restriction on financing period.
  • And ALL other costs of having a car such as maintenance, insurance, repairs, etc.

To aid these ever rising costs of car ownership, Ace Drive has tailored a Fractional Leasing Membership Model that offers a convenient and hassle-free way of being able to OWN A CAR IN SINGAPORE FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST.


Fractional Leasing was designed to provide all consumers in Singapore with the access and benefit of owning an entire collection of high-end & jaw-dropping fleet of luxury, sports & exotic cars without bearing all the costs of car ownership. Please switch to the next tab to know more about the benefits of Fractional Leasing.

We all know that the cost of owning a high-end luxury or sports car is too expensive. Now, it’s more tough to fully own one due to the new car loan cap and restrictions that were implemented by by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) last February 26, 2013.

However, with Fractional Leasing (FL), you do not need to struggle with any of these absurd cost & financing requirements of owning a car as all FL Members get the best of both worlds – driving their dream car WITHOUT bearing the high & ever-increasing costs of full-time ownership.


If you are interested in becoming an FL Member, please contact us at +65 6585-5555 for more information. Alternatively, you can contact Hazel: +65 8223-1559 / Jonathan: +65 9171-1611. Thank you.


Ferrari Rent A Car

Ferrari Fleet

Ferrari 360 Modena F1

Maserati Rent A Car

Maserati Fleet

Maserati Granturismo

Lexus Rent A Car

Lexus Fleet

Lexus IS250

Volvo Rent A Car

Volvo Fleet

Volvo XC90


  • Excessively Low Rates Compared To Car Rental.

Nothing can match the experience tooling around in an open road with a six-figure-priced luxury sports/exotic car. With Fractional Leasing, you can drive all your dream cars at very low rates, enjoying significant discounts of about 40-70% off our regular rates.

  • Full Unrestricted Access To Our Entire Luxury, Sports & Exotic Fleet.

Higher-end cars are available for your budget with Fractional Leasing as compared to buying one. As such, there is no need to for you to limit yourself with just one car. Experience the excitement and thrill of what each car can offer!

  • Use The Car Only When You Need It.

For the modern cosmopolitan lifestyle, where you are jetsetting all over, a fractionally leased car allows you to have a really great car to drive while you are back in town and when you are overseas.

Thus, if you are the type who only needs a car once in a while or probably during weekends or once a week, 1 week in a month or 2 months in a year, you can simply use your FL credits which is consumable for 1 year. No need to get tied with a long term rental commitment, because with Fractional Leasing, you have the freedom to choose when to use your car.

  • Complimentary Replacement Vehicle During Servicing.

Don’t upset your plans because your car is down – Ace Drive’s Fractional Leasing Package includes provision for a replacement vehicle should your car needs maintenance or repairs.

  • All Additional Costs are Package Inclusive.

Costs of car, COE, insurance, maintenance, road tax and repairs are package inclusive – you do not have to worry about all these additional costs.

  • Changing Of Car Is Allowed

Fractional leasing is perfect for that first-time social or business impression, fractional leasing allows you to change your car whenever you need to. Indeed, a good way to improve your image without burning your wallet.

  • 24 Hours breakdown assistance.

We have a dedicated 24/7 hotline that you can call in case of emergencies and unexpected car break downs.


To become an FL Member you need to pay a membership fee of $188 per year and would need to sign up for a One-Time Payment Plan. Total commitment is a minimum of 28 days (20 weekdays and 8 weekends of rental) which is consumable within 1 year.

Per Day Rate

Audi A3 Convertible
$178 per day

Audi S5 Sportback
$218 per day

Audi TTS Roadster
$218 per day

BMW 130i 3DR
$168 per day

BMW 320i A Cabriolet
$208 per day

BMW 320i M Sport Cabriolet
$218 per day

BMW 320i XL
$138 per day

BMW 523i
$188 per day

BMW 523i XL
$198 per day

BMW 630Ci Coupe
$198 per day

Ferrari 360 Modena F1
$798 per day

Maserati GranTurismo
$498 per day

Mercedes-Benz C180
$198 per day

Mercedes-Benz CLS350
$278 per day

Mercedes-Benz E200K
$168 per day

Mercedes-Benz E250 AMG Avantgarde
$218 per day

Mercedes-Benz S300L
$208 per day

Mini Cooper S
$168 per day

Porsche Boxster 2.7 Tiptronic (Silver)
$208 per day

Porsche Boxster 2.7 Tiptronic (White)
$238 per day

Porsche Cayenne S
$258 per day

Porsche 911 C4S PDK
$598 per day

Porsche Panamera S
$385 per day

Volvo XC90
$188 per day

* Please take note that all the prices above are subject to GST.


  • One-Time Payment Plan
  • FL Membership Fee: $188
  • Rental Credit Upfront: 28 Days Rental
  • Total Upfront: FL Membership Fee + 28 Days Rental Credit Upfront

Sample Upfront Computation for Audi A3 Convertible (@ $178/day)
FL Membership Fee ($188) + 28 Days Rental Credit Upfront ($4,984)
Total Upfront = $5,172 (Inclusive of 28 days rental)


As an FL Member, you are allowed to change your car as and when you like, provided that:

1.) You will need to top-up any difference on the price.

Here’s a sample computation:
If your car is Audi A3 Convertible and would like to change it to Maserati GranTurismo for 2 days, you will need to top-up a total difference of $640.
Audi A3 Convertible Per Day Rate – $178
Maserati GranTurismo Per Day Rate – $498
Price Difference Per Day – $320
Total Top-Up For 2 Days = $640 ($320X2)

2.) The car is available on your requested date.
Should you wish to change your car, please send us an FL Reservation Request first in order for us to be able to confirm the car’s availability.